360o View & Proximity Alert for Heavy Vehicles

  • Location:India
  • Industry:Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd
  • Platforms:Automotive, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Embedded System
  • Expertise:Computer Vision, Embedded System, Image Processing
Product Prototype - Automotive Electronics

360o View & Proximity Alert for Heavy Vehicles

An industrial prototype is developed for heavy vehicle segment in automotive sector. It captures real-time images from 8 cameras mounted on a bus and stiches all images to give a 360 degree panoramic view as well as it generates alert if any moving person comes within 1 meter of periphery.

Panoramic view for heavy vehicles unveils next revolution
in road safety

A unique cost-effective vision based Automated Driver Warning System to alert drivers


It’s an Advanced Driver Assistance System from School Bus. It works on real time stitching of 6 number of camera views to create surround view and it gives proximity alert using image processing algorithm. The 360o view is displayed on the dashboard and in case of any person or running vehicles come close to bus within 1.5 meter, it gives visual and sound alert.

A product prototype was designed and developed following automotive guidelines. After field testing, the product pilot lot is built for production. The technology is developed to keep the BOM of product low without conpromising with the technical specification.


- To meet requirement as per AIS-002 /ECE R46 Rev6 (CMS-Camera-Monitor system)
- To provide real time object detection within close proximity of 0.5mtrs of around the vehicle
- To detect the rear object distance in terms of safe/close proximity & danger zone with an interval of 1.5 mtr
- To position the CMS within the eye contact point of 1mtr with Ocular angle of 10deg /side and neck movement of 30deg.
- Camera detection distance, illuminance range, glare correction, image repetition frequency etc.
- Use of fish eye lens with 180º view angle -focal length to be decided based on FOV.
- Visual spectrum to be within the wavelength of human perceptual limit of 380~780nm.
- Blind zone detection

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