Panic Alert System - Senior Living

  • Location:India
  • Industry:Antara Senior Living
  • Platforms:Php, Embedded Hardware, Android App
  • Expertise:IoT Device, Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Panic Alert System - Senior Living

An integrated IOT solution for senior care facility to provide the most essential feature of panic alert to aged people. On pressing, panic button from bedroom or washroom or any other place, QRT team get high alert within 5 secs with exact location.

Panic Alarm, a Safety Critical System saves life
in Antara Senior Living

A life saving system installed and running rebustly over the years


At Antara Purukul Senior Living, Dehradun, Emergency Panic Buttons are installed to every room, toilets, club house and at common areas. Each panic buttons are uniquely addressable and its location are easily identifiable. Panic buttons are connected to IOT devices – Node controller, Block Controller and with Main Controller through high speed Optical Fibre Network.

On pressing any panic button, an alert generates at central control room within 20 secs, and the response team reaches to the spot within 3-5 mins to rescue.


Health of all sensors or alert units are checked periodically (on every 2 mins.) and are displayed in the control room monitor. If any button or device is not working, then it will be displayed on monitor at Control room. Until or unless it is fixed, the message will be flashing on the screen and logged in the report with time.

Software will maintain a log of Alerts, device failure and record of committing the alerts with remarks. Reports can be generated for alerts and device failure.

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