Healthcare Staffing

  • Location:USA
  • Industry:VCS Consulting
  • Platforms:Web Portal, IoS & Android App
  • Expertise:Cloud, Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Healthcare Staffing

This is an online portal of recruitment for heathcare care staff. This portal eases the process of recruitment and onboarding in the cluster of hospitals according to applicant's skillset and experience.

Automate and simplify Recruitment Process
in VCS Consulting

Complete workflow for health care staffing has been implemented


VCS Consulting Services is a nation wide healthcare recruiting and staffing company. It recruits qualified healthcare professionals in the U.S. and internationally to meet the needs of our diversified client base.

This staffing portal is developed to connect to all qualified healthcare professionals. Starting from recruitment process, the applicants interacts with agency for every purposes through this portal.


The digital transformation includes resume submission, approval process, document verification, onboarding process, hiring and joining. On the other side, employees in agency follow the workflow in establishing the process. The software also imparts the dynamic calculation of payments for each employees.

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