Pandora CDx - MammoAlert

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Product Prototype - Healthcare Electronics

Pandora CDx - MammoAlert

A prototype of Pandora CDx has been developed for the screening of breast cancer in the general population. The MammoAlert is expected to determine breast cancer's risk level for a subject by identifying the presence in plasma of known biomarkers.

A pre-screening test for early Breast Cancer Detection

Revolutionary technology utilizing blood sample for testing Breast Cancer – Affordable, Rapid, Efficient & Accurate Results


The Pandora CDx is a microfluidic platform for rapid, point-of-care serum screening. It is based on a unique, low cost disposable microfluidic disk. The platform is a very simple and easy-to-use system. This portable breast cancer screening test, which runs on Pandora CDx technology, uses a simple drop of blood to generate results in 15 minutes. It uses multiple cancer markers for high accuracy. The Pandora CDx has a sensitivity of 0.97 and specificity of 1 which implies an accuracy of over 95% and a false positive rate of zero. This will have a huge social impact enabling thousands of women in India to detect breast cancer in its early stage due to the products efficient, simple, accurate and significant affordability.


- Pandora CDx uses a novel sedimentation approach to conduct bead-based sandwich immunoassays.
- Disk contains fluorescently-labeled “detection” antibodies and beads carrying “capture” antibodies in the sample loading chamber. Disk also contains density centrifugation media in the separation zone.
- Sample is loaded and incubated for a few minutes. Then disk is spun to separate the beads from unreacted reagents and sample.
- An optical detector reads the fluorescence signal from the sedimented beads.

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