Ansyst Smart Home

  • Location:India
  • Industry:Ansyst Consulting
  • Platforms:Automation, Smart Home, Mobile App
  • Expertise:Embedded System, IOS & Android App
Product - Home Automation

Ansyst Smart Home

Ansyst Smart Home is a wireless system that provides you with instant control over other electrical appliances throughout your home. It helps you live intelligently with easy-to-use integrated technology.

Ansyst Smart Home, let you live in a smarter way.

A simplified, convenient, and safe living is what you will experience.


It's a smart wireless solution for your home automation. It controls all yours electrical appliances. Ansyst Smart Home is a customizable product where hardware and software are designed according to the need of customer. There is no requirement of changing existing wiring, it can be very easily retro fitted. Ansyst brings the technology to make your life smarter and within budget.

Security is a major concern in todays life. Security is an integrated part of this home automation solution.


You can control electrical appliances smartly from anywhere.
Lighting Control: Lighting systems can be set to switch on, off or dim in certain lighting conditions , reducing lighting costs. Alternatively, lights can be set to switch on automatically using proximity sensor.

Electrical Appliances Control: Switch ON/OFF your fan and regulate speed from your mobile apps. All IR controlled devices - AC, TV, Geyser, Curtains can be controlled from Ansyst Smart Home Apps.

Scheduling: You can schedule by setting timer to AC, Geyser and other electrical appliances. It is convenient and cost saving.


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