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  • Industry:Citymax Hotel
  • Platforms:Web, IoS & Android App, IoT Device
  • Expertise:Cloud, Digital Transformation, IoT Device Manufacturing
Digital Transformation

Material Control Software

Material Control is a software solution for monitoring the process of procurement, stock and inventory control. Using this application affects the reduction of operating costs. The IoT weighing device eases the process of receiving and transfering material from store to cost centers.

Material Control with IOT devices for tracking

Advanced material control not only keep tracking of material, it applies intelligence to optimize


Material Control is no more a desktop computer job or paper work, it is an automated workflow which is managed through mobile app and iot devices. Real-time analytics continously update you to take correct actions rather than producing only reports.

Iot weighing scales measures weight automatically and updates data in system, and that reduces manual input. Actual consumptions are captured rather than mathematically calculating from recipe. Material Control in CASA, revolutionizes the concept and workflow in hotels and brings transperency in the system.


Article, Menu Management, Material Tracking and Vendor Management are major modules. Some key features are as follows:

Intelligent Kitchen Plan prepares day-wise menu as per guest list and their preferences and also it automatically creates kitchen requirements on the basis of stock and recipe. Auto Purchase Request is generated based on SOH, predicted future requirement and supply lead time. IoT Weighing devices are used during material receive, material transfer and kithen consumption to capture correct data. It also accurately calculates material wastage. Since every articles are tracked through QR Code, so Yield Calculation for each supplied material are noted, and accordingly Vendor's performance is tracked at real-time.

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