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Video Analytics is a technique of using Computer algorithm to analyse the scene in real time and provide management information and automatic detection. Ansyst Intelligent Video Analytics software has been designed to operate with both indoor and outdoor cameras, detecting a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects.

A comprehensive range of detection filters provide the means to discriminate the object behaviors appropriate to each surveillance scene, meaning that classification is always accurate.


- Analytics software runs on any CCTV camera

- Get Smart Analytic features without using smart cameras

- Customized solutions proposed based on individual requirement

- Software License is at affordable price


Largely, CCTV is deployed in most the places for surveillance, leaving aside issues related to poor quality. CCTV recording are majorly used for forensic purposes. Now Video Analytic software converts the CCTV system intelligent by bringing your attention to the fact before or during the incident in order that you can react to the issue.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

- It works with or without a physical fence - it is a smart perimeter configuration.
- Automatically detects intruder on crossing perimeter
- Within 1 secs of breaking, Bugler alarm sounds and picture captured
- Analytic software runs on Windows 7 onwards and CPU - IntelĀ® Core i3, RAM - 2 GB

Intruder Detection

- Put Alert ON when you're away
- Camera is used for surveillance of your home
- Automatically detects the intruder and triggers Bugler alarm
- On detection, SMS is sent
- Runs on power and battery