Ansyst Safety Solutions

Safety and Security are major concern for everyone, particularly in urban life. Safety for Women in road and public places are becoming essential as number of crime are increasing rapidly. Now-a-days, senior citizen are not also safe at home. The crime rate in every city jolts our knees and most of the cases, we are helpless to provide safety to women and senior people. Ansyst provides innovative solutions for safety issues of senior people and women.

Emergency Help Center - Women Safety

Women Safety in India is one of the major concern. Crime rate at all cities are increasing rapidly, and most unfortunate case is that the people present right there, does not react on any girl's molestation or road rage or any accidents and Police reached at the place late as they are not informed on time. Emergency Help Center are placed on road side, and pressing a single button, the nearest Police Station will be informed immediately as well as the Police officer located nearby at that moment will get a call. The device aims to improve quick response time to save people.


Panic Alarm - Senior Citizen

In this decade, our life style has been changed so much that very few people can stay with their aged parents. And it is unfortunate that senior citizens are becoming soft target for crime. Ansyst developed a GSM based Panic button which can be placed anywhere in home and on pressing the button, immediate call and SMS goes to one or multiple close people. As well as buzzer blows outside the home to alert neighbours.


Panic Alert System - Residential Campus

Wireless Panic Alert system is robust, stable alert system for residential complexes. Specially, senior people stays alone at home, and on emergency, they trigger alert just by pressing a button and it informs everyone - security, healthcare attendant by hooter, flashing on big screen at control room, SMS, and phone call. Its a safety critical system, and the Panic Alert system monitors its system health continuously, to ensure every nodal points are active at all time.