Change your Lifestyle by Ansyst Smart Solutions


Designed, Developed & Manufactured in India.

Ansyst Smart Home

It's a smart wireless solution for your home automation. It controls all yours electrical appliances. Ansyst Smart Home is a customizable product where hardware and software are designed according to the need of customer. There is no requirement of changing existing wiring, it can be very easily retro fitted. Ansyst brings the technology to make your life smarter and within budget.

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Ansyst Smart Alert

Ansyst Smart Alert is the smart way to protect your place as it provides you with a double peace of mind. Our affordable security systems keep the bad people out. We make your place safer and more secure with state-of-the-art equipment. It has a complete bugler alarm system with SMS facility on your mobile phone to alert you from any mishaps.

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Ansyst Video Surveillance

Use of video surveillance to secure your home and protect your family members from malicious activity. But usual CCTV surveillance system produces huge amount of data and in person constant montoring. Analysis of scene, automatic detection of object and other smart features can be leveraged by Video Analytics system as a preventive action and pre-incident alert.

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