Internet of Things (IOT)

We are conducting research & development to deepen the linkage between the real and digital world, to effectively provide ICT value to real-life society. IoT is the intersection of physical things and digitization and so in this Artificial Intelligence & IoT era, we're expanding our R&D activities for building products that are IoT-enabled or products that enable IoT.

IOT in Healthcare

IoT initiatives in healthcare revolved around the improvement of care as such with remote monitoring and telemonitoring as main applications. More advanced and integrated approaches within the scope of the digital transformation of healthcare are starting to be used with regards to health data aspects where IoT plays an increasing role, as it does in specific applications such as smart home care, personal healthcare, robotics and Real-Time Health Systems (RTHS).

From 2017 until 2022, growth in IoT healthcare applications is indeed poised to accelerate as the Internet of Things is a key component in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Moreover, there is an increasing consciousness and engagement of consumers with regards to their health, demand for remote and home possibilities; and healthcare expenditure reduction remains a main goal, along with better quality care. Ansyst aims to develop IoT-enabled products that fulfills all requirements .

IOT in Positioning System

Ranging from digitizing organization's internal operation to customer's experience, IoT has changed the entire industry. We profoundly engage ourselves in developing IoT solutions using powerful Beacon technology. Beacons are small wireless devices that continuously transmit a simple radio signal saying “I am here, this is my ID”. In most cases the signal is picked up by nearby smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. When the mobile device detects the beacon signal, it reads the beacon’s identification number (ID), calculates the distance to the beacon and, based on this data, triggers an action in a beacon compatible mobile app.

GPS is a well-known and matured technology in outdoor positioning system, but for indoor geolocation, beacon technology is the best apt. Indoor Positioning System (IPS) can provide relevant information to shops, smart offices and mobile workforces and optimize office space as well as resources in order to answers questions such as: How do people move around? Am I placing services in the right places? Is my staff where it is most needed? Am I being efficient locating my resources?