Ansyst Smart Home

Ansyst Smart Home, an automation solutions let your home take care of you the smart way. A simplified, convenient, and safe living is what you will experience, always! Security is a major concern in todays life. Security is an integrated part of this home automation solution. Ansyst Smart Home is a wireless system that provides you with instant control over other electrical appliances throughout your home. It helps you live intelligently. With easy-to-use integrated technology, it creates intelligent environments that come with lifestyle advantages, environmental benefits and complete security.

Now simply live the green life without sacrificing comfort. It is easy to control your house and reduce the energy use with Ansyst Home Automation. Our solutions are cost effective and non-complex. You can design your home automation as per your budget.

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Corporate Office Cabin

Quick Installation

- No need to change existing wiring
- Use existing light, fan or appliances
- Download apps from Google Play

Easy Access

- Complete Secured Wireless system
- Connect Internet to access remotely
- Use any Smart Phone to access

Custom made

- Design and customize the system as per your NEED and BUDGET
- Expand the system whenever you feel

Make in India

- High Quality & Good Services
- Very reasonable pricing
- Redefine your Lifestyle

Wi-fi Home Automation Products

Ansyst Smart Home works with Alexa ... feel different experience

Ansyst Smart Home App

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Room Control

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Intelligent Control

Control your electrical appliances smartly from anywhere

Lighting Control

Lighting systems can be set to switch on, off or dim in certain lighting conditions (for example where natural light is adequate), reducing lighting costs. Alternatively, lights can be set to switch on automatically when one enters a room or a dark stairwell, making the home safer and eliminating the need to fumble for light switches. In addition, lighting can be set to be dimmer or brighter, with certain lights being brighter than others, to create specific moods.

Electrical Appliances Control

Switch ON/OFF your fan and regulate speed from your mobile apps. All IR controlled devices - AC, TV, Geyser, Curtains can be controlled from Ansyst Smart Home Apps.
Scheduling: You can schedule by setting timer to AC, Geyser and other electrical appliances. It is convenient and cost saving.

Scene of your Mood

You can create scene that perfectly matches your mood by dimming the light, controlling Fan, AC, Light dimming and shades. Configure the scene for Night time, Wake up, Dinner Time, Party time, Reading time and many more.

Climate Control

Heating and air conditioning systems can be set to certain levels based on expected temperature. These systems can also be controlled remotely, and can be programmed to close the curtain and switching on the air conditioning. It also ensures that the house is at the right temperature and when desired room temperature is attained, the system is programmed to automatically stop the air conditioning. This is a great savings mechanism, reducing the amount of electricity wasted on unnecessary cooling or heating.

Ansyst Automation & Light Dimming - Photographs