Proximity Marketing

  • Location:Dubai, UAE
  • Industry:Citymax Hotel
  • Platforms:IOT Beacon, IoS & Android App
  • Expertise:Cloud, IoT Beacon, Mobile App
Mobile App & IoT Beacon

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing (using IoT Beacon) is all about marketing to your consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalized notifications. Marketers across various verticals are now beginning to realize that proximity marketing offer enormous potential beyond merely delivering vouchers and coupons.

Technology brings Smart Advertizing through
Proximity Marketing

The goal is to deliver right messages to people based on their precise location.


Proximity marketing takes place when businesses are able to communicate with consumers when they’re on the go. It utilises location technology ,Bluetooth and allows companies to connect with the people if they have a smartphone.

Proximity marketing is often effective because it helps businesses deliver more relevant advertising. Restaurant, Departmental Stores, Super Market deliver personalised deals, recommendations and rewards to customers when they’re in a store


Our solution for Proximity Marketing is developed with Bluetooth Beacon . Retail locations utilize beacons that can connect to your smartphone. Typically there’s a customized mobile application that enables the technology and permission is requested. You can push content through Bluetooth, and operate with no Internet connection.

Customized Super Market App with Proximity Marketing features push the sales offer as soon as the customer reaches close to that product. Store owner has access to add or change any offer instantly through mobile app.


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