Smart Inventory System

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  • Industry:Citymax Hotel
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  • Expertise:Cloud, 3rd Party Integration, Digital Transformation

Inventory Software

The smart inventory management software, requires lesser work but provides greater stock visibility, reminds as and when stock levels go down, helps to manage multiple vendors at ease and has an entry of each purchase, and helps to decide prices and assures an efficient stock maintenance throughout the operation.

Cloud Inventory Management offers great functionalities

Cloud inventory management software supports better reliability, reduced costs, and more opportunities for customization.


The benefits of cloud-based inventory management are wide-reaching and highly-effective. When you leverage cloud solutions, you’ll experience perpetual inventory updates, real-time inventory tracking, increased accuracy among inventory counts, and valuable integrations with your existing tech stack to drive results even further.

Inventory levels let businesses know which raw materials they need for production, which allows them to meet demand. While maintaining accurate records is no easy feat, inventory management software streamlines the process.


Cloud-based inventory management systems calculate and automate your reorder points with ease, so your shelves stay full and your inventory is always organized.

Our system will automate your data flow in real-time for the most up-to-date inventory counts, inventory tracking, and order routing across multiple channels. On top of that, cloud-based solutions can also issue purchase orders automatically , based on your current sales velocity, lead times, and even seasonality.

IoT Weighing scales are integrated with the cloud based Inventory system to measure accurate transfer of materials.

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