1. Home Automation

It's a smart wireless solution for your home automation. It controls all yours electrical appliances. Ansyst Smart Home is a customizable product where hardware and software are designed according to the need of customer. There is no requirement of changing existing wiring, it can be very easily retro fitted. Ansyst brings the technology to make your life smarter and within budget.

2. Lighting Automation

Ansyst lighting automation enables you to combine well-being, economical viability and design aspects under one roof with innovative light control systems. Ansyst offers lighting control through electrical regulator as well as mobile phone Apps. Sensor based switching, Dimming, Time Scheduling are various features of lighting control.

3. Energy Controller

The most waste of energy comes from the inefficient use of the electrical energy consumed by artificial light devices and air conditioner. Ansyst Energy Controller product suit suggests various type of smart controller to save electricity. Wireless sensors are used to gather important information and accordingly controller manages electrical devices.