Burglar Alarm System

Ansyst Burglar Alarm system work on the simple concept of securing entry points into a home with wireless sensors that communicate with a control panel installed in a convenient location somewhere in the home. With remote access facility, it helps you guard yourself and your family against risks of all kinds, whether you are at home or away. Our products are safe, reliable and useful for all our customers.

Ansyst Burglar Alarm System

Ansyst Smart Security provides a complete burglar alarm system with various type of sensors. Keep the Alert ON when you are not at home and during that time, it will generate an alarm on any intrusion.There are three types of alerts -
1. Hooter on spot   2. Automated phone calls to multiple numbers.   3. SMS sent to multiple people.

- Alert system can set ON / OFF remotely from your mobile phone.
- The complete alert system is wireless and are operated with back-up battery. So, during power failure, it also works.
- If someone cuts to power to the main Alert Controller, then it runs with its back-up power and sends alerts immediately through phone call and SMS.

Door Open Alert

During the “Alert ON” condition, it sends alert on opening door or window.

Motion Alert(Ceiling)

Using PIR sensors, it checks movement and In response to any motion, it generates alert.

Motion Alert(Wall)

Using wall mounted PIR sensors, it checks movement.

Smoke & Fire Alert

Alert on sensing smoke or fire in the house

Gas Leak Alert

It senses leaking LPG gas in the kitchen and generates alert.

Electro-mech Valve

It stops the gas supply to gas burner on Gas leak alert.

Panic Button

On pressing Wireless Panic button, it sends alert to concerned people.

Remote Control

Remote Control for Alarm arm and disarming.